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Moodhu Holiday Maldives Private Limited is a trailblazer in the Maldivian travel industry and has pioneered several innovative brands. Moodhu Holiday is the first travel agency in the Maldives to offer packaged holiday getaways to local and expatriates (Work permit holders) to resorts and guest houses. We offer both weekend getaways and festive season getaways for our clients. Moodhu Holidays Maldives owns and manages Moodhu.com, exclusively for our international clients, and Moodhu.mv for our local and expatriate clients.

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Travel Tips

Plan as little as possible. If you plan too much and if things do not go as planned you get disappointed. Travelling is fun. It is all about enjoyment and excitement. Be in your best mood to enjoy your getaway!

Keep as little as possible in your handbag or backpack. However, keep everything important in your day-pack. Keep your passport, ID Card and the marriage certificate (if you are married) handy. These documents are needed at check-in to most properties. Do not forget to carry over the counter medicines like pain killers, allergy tablets etc etc based on any issues you may have.. The key is it has to be light weight yet, have the important things that may be needed.

Photography is one way that you can capture your experience and enjoyment. Therefore, take as much pictures as possible but doesn’t’ necessary need to be shared on social media. If you feel to do, please.

Be more adventurous. If you can’t’ find information about the property where you are travelling, take a risk and explore the place. Whatever type of environment it is, enjoy it and experience it. Make it part of the getaway!

Know that boat transfers, domestic flights & seaplane transfer can be longer than scheduled in case of bad weather or unavoidable circumstances. However, don’t’ get frustrated and angry.  Enjoy the surroundings and make it memorable. Grab a coffee, have fun, make it part of the trip.